Meet the CEO

For those who are new to Gabby’s Makeup Boutique, let me share a little bit about myself. My name is Gabrielle Heath and I am 19 years old. Currently, I attend CUNY John Jay college pursuing a Political Science major as my plan is to become a lawyer and a minor in Psychology. 

I have always had a passion for makeup and started to experiment at a young age, a passion that made me late for school as I tried to produce this flawless look whilst applying my makeup. The struggles were real but the triumphs much greater.  

I have now transformed this passion into a business, Gabby’s Makeup Boutique, the continuation of an informal business that commenced with a vanity mirror and people requesting my services.

I have always considered makeup as an art, a way of expression that tells a great deal of our personality. The products are tailored to help you create the best version of self. I am confident the products Gabby’s Makeup Boutique offers are quality goods at an affordable price, tailored to everyone’s personality to accommodate your individual style. Now let's gather our makeup brushes and beauty blenders and together, let’s Wakeup & Makeup!